Carbon filters and modules

Activated carbon products are used to remove various odours and unpleasant gases from the air.

Our product range includes a wide selection of absorbents and filters that can be used in a variety of air conditioning, ventilation, air separation and air recycling equipment.

The Filter Plus product range includes the following carbon filters and modules.

Carbon filter cartridges

Diameter 145 mm, lengths 250 mm, 450 mm and 600 mm

Carbon-coated fabric filter bags are an easy way of replacing old bag filters with carbon filters.

Modules filled with activated carbon granules. Filter Plus offers a wide range of ready-made carbon modules with filter boxes, which can quickly and easily be installed in an existing system.

Active carbon compact filters. Compact filters using an activated carbon material with a large surface area ensure high airflow capacity and low pressure losses.

Granular activated carbon. Filter Plus offers a wide range of activated carbon granules for separating gases and odours from the air.

Filter Module 1 Filtermodule 2 Carbon Compact Filter Carbonfilter

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