Filtering materials

Filter Plus offers a wide range of filter materials for both pre-filtering and fine filtering.

Our filter materials consist of multiple layers of synthetic fibres increasing in density on the clean air side. This progressive fabric structure ensures a low pressure drop and high air flow capacity, which also meets the requirements of the most demanding equipment.

Standard rolls of filter material are available in stock:
ISO 16890 ISO Coarse 40–85% G3–M5
Filter fabric thickness 5–25 mm
1 × 20 m
2 × 20 m

Polyester-based filter foam is available with open or closed pores, with various specifications, and in different colours and strength levels.

Open-cell filter foam
10–80 PPI (pores per inch)

Standard thicknesses: 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm

Standard sheet size: 1,500 × 2,500 mm

ISO 19680White Fabric Material Blue Fabric Material

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