Compact filters

The Filter Plus product range includes high-performance compact filters in four filter classes.

Filter Plus compact filters offer air flow rates of up to 5,000 m³/h and require only 292 mm installation depth.

Our compact filters are used for particulate removal mostly in air conditioning equipment, ventilation units and turbines. The filters are used to retain toxic gases, aerosols or dust from the air. Filter Plus compact filters are well suited for use with large volumes of air and have a long service life due to a high particulate retention efficiency.

Filter Plus compact filters are compatible with most standard filter frames and the equipment produced by all the major manufacturers.

The filters are available with high-quality synthetic or fiberglass paper, which can be ordered in efficiency classes:

  • ISO ePM10 65–80% M5–M6
  • ISO ePM2.5 65–70% F7
  • ISO ePM1 60-80% F7-F9

The most common dimensions are:

  • 592 × 592 × 292 mm
  • 592 × 287 × 292 mm
  • 592 × 490 × 292 mm

Compact Carbon Filter Compact filter

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