HEPA and ULPA filters

Filter Plus HEPA and ULPA filters are installed in rooms where maximum air purity is required.

These filters are fitted on the air intake side to prevent the influx of viruses, germs, toxic dust, aerosols and so on.

Our filters comply with the DIN 1946 ventilation standard and are used, for example, in operating rooms, intensive care wards, laboratories and facilities that require germ and dust free air.

Filter Plus HEPA and ULPA filters can also be installed on air outlets, to remove pathogens, or toxic or radioactive particles form the exhaust air.

Filter Plus HEPA filters are available in different versions. We use only high-performance glass fibre paper, available in different retention classes from H10 to U17.

The Filter Plus product range includes the following HEPA filters:

  • H13 610 x 610 x 150
  • H13 610 x 305 x 150
  • H13 305 x 305 x 150
  • H13 610 x 610 x 292
  • H13 610 x 305 x 292
  • H13 305 x 305 x 292

All standard Filter Plus products are available in stock.
We also offer certified HEPA boxes.

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