Domestic filter sets

We specialise in the production of filters for home and small appliances, and have developed completely new ISO 16890-compliant filter fabrics for this. Our products keep your ventilation equipment clean and in working order for years, offer an exceptionally high dust holding capacity and significantly reduced electricity consumption compared to other filters on the market.

For domestic uses, we offer filter classes ePM10 through ePM1.

All filter sets come in cardboard, plastic or metal frames.

All the most popular filter sets are available in stock.

  • Vallox
  • Komfovent
  • Ilox
  • Ilto
  • Parmair
  • Enervent
  • Flexit
  • Wolf
  • Salda RIS
  • Dantherm
  • Zehnder
  • Deekax
  • Sunair
  • Iloxair
  • Systemair
  • Swegon Casa
  • Nilan
  • Nibe

Domestic Filter Set 1Domestic Panel Filter Set

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