Panel filters

Filter Plus offers a wide range of synthetic and fibreglass panel filters, all of which comply with ISO 16890.

Using only the best fabrics, we can offer minimal initial pressure drop and high particulate removal efficiency. This ensures that our filters are very energy efficient.

The Filter Plus product range includes the following efficiency classes for panel filters:

  • ISO Coarse – ISO ePM10 / G4–M5
  • ISO ePM10 – ISO ePM1 / M5–F9

The standard thicknesses for Filter Plus plastic-metal frames are 25, 48 and 98 mm.

Custom size frames are available on order for all Filter Plus panel filters.

Our domestic filters are produced using a completely new technology, ensuring an exceptionally low initial pressure drop, extremely high particle removal performance and minimal energy consumption. These features ensure a healthy indoor climate for your home and a long service life for the ventilation equipment.

We specialise in Private Label production. We offer products and packaging with the client’s own logo. We can also add client information (EAN, QR, logo, codes, etc.) on product labels.

Our biggest clients are Scandinavian ventilation companies and online retailers.

All filter sets for Vallox, Flexit, Heru, Östberg, Nilan, Swegon and others are manufactured using recycled cardboard.

We have a wide range of filters in stock.

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